18 & Under Boys & Girls         12 & Under Boys & Girls
16 & Under Boys & Girls         12 & Under Coed
14 & Under Boys & Girls         10 & Under Coed
Hosting: The league will pay for pool cost and can apply/negotiate for facility use
reimbursement. This will require an original invoice mailed to the league. Officials will be paid
by the League. All snack bar or vendor proceeds will go to host. Host shall provide all
necessary equipment, staff to operate the table, and report results by text or by email to
admin@CACup.com. Results will be posted on the web site, so please send them ASAP
after games.
League Rules:
1. All athletes, coaches and administrators must be registered with USA Water Polo.
2. Athletes who have played for a club in a Cal Cup game may not play for another club in
Cal cCp league during that same year. There is no longer a 90 day rule. If athletes play
in a game the must finish the 2023 season with that club.
3. Teams who play ineligible player will be sanctioned.
4. To insure attendance, failure to show or provide adequate notice that you cannot field a
team will result in your team being suspended from the next play date. In addition, if
you fail to show you will receive 0 points for your forfeit.
5. A USAWP verified roster must be at the score table prior to game and or upon request
from the league or host.
6. USAWP rules will apply except for ties, which will go to shoot out.
7. Each club is expected to host games at their facilities with their own staff to manage the
desk and report the scores to the league. The league will pay referees, awards, and
8. Each team will have two 1 minute time-outs.
Equipment: (Kap 7 is the Preferred Ball)
1. 10 & U Coed will use size 2 balls for competition.
2. 12 boys & 12 girls use size 3 balls for competition.
3. 14 & U Boys and 14/16/18 & U Girls will use women’s size ball for competition
4. 16/18 & U Boys will use men’s size ball for competition.
Game Duration and Course layout:
1. The 10 & U Coed will play 5 min quarters at 25 yards.
2. The 12 & U Boys and Girls will play 6 min quarters at 25 yards or meters if possible.
3. The 14/16/18 & U Boys and 14/16/18 & U Girls will play 7 min quarters at 25 meters
Standings and Scores:
1. Each team will earn 4 points for a win, 3 points for a shoot-out win, 2 points for a shootout loss, 1 point for a loss, and 0 points for forfeits.
2. FINA rules will be used for tiebreakers in league standing.
3. After each league weekend, scores and standings will be posted on the league website.
Referees/Officials: The purpose of the California Cup League is to elevate water polo play and the referees who are
calling our games. It is the league’s desire to afford coaches input to our assignor regarding
referee performance and suggestions for the finals. Please email us any observation,
recommendation and or feedback regarding referees so we can improve the quality of the