The 2020 California Cup League

The California Cup Club League is an organized group of water polo clubs that will provide each other an opportunity to play in an organized league format. The league is designed to increase the level of competition by competing against the best programs in California.
Age Groups for the 2019-20 CA Cup League for this year will be based on age as of August 1, 2020.

  • 18 & Under Boys & Girls
  • 16 & Under Boys & Girls
  • 14 & Under Boys & Girls
  • 12 & Under Boys & Girls
  • 10 & Under Coed

Teams must be comprised of mostly athletes from the appropriate age group (i.e. 10 of the 15 players must age 13-14 for 14 & under). Athletes who are older than the age cut off cannot play down (i.e. 15 year old as of August 1, 2020. cannot play 14 & under)

The Southern League 
This year league will have two divisions at each age level. Once your team is placed in a division they will not be moving up or down from that division during league play.
Division 1 will consist of the top finishing teams in last years Cal Cup League, USCC and Junior Olympics.
Division 2 will consist newer clubs to the league, smaller clubs and “B” teams. Clubs may only enter “B” teams if their “A” teams are also entered. Top finishing division 2 teams will be
invited to the state final.
The Southern League final standing will determine the teams that will be invited to the California Cup State Championships.
Cal Cup State Finals
Each Team entered in the league will be expected to enter and play in the Championship if qualified/invited.  Typically, the top nine teams from the south and the top seven from the north will automatically qualify. There is a separate fee for the state finals tournament.
Play Dates:
League weekend play dates can be found at These dates are subject to change. Division II dates might not coincide with Division I dates and these are based on hosts and pool availability.
League Costs and Deadlines: 
$950 for 10 & U coed, $1,200 for 12 & U boys and girls, $1,400 for 14, 16, & 18 & U boys and girls for Southern League. To insure attendance, failure to show or provide adequate notice that you cannot field a team can result in suspension for the following play date. In addition, if you fail to show you will receive 0 points for your forfeit.
To enter the California Cup League each club will need to make either an online payment or you can mail your payment to: California Cup League, 12523 Limonite Ave., #440-304, Mira Loma CA 92880. Teams have the option of paying in two equal payments. To secure your spot we need payment for your entries by December 15th, 2019. All balances must be paid in full by January 4, 2020.
All clubs need to host their share of games, most being a one day event. Hosts that have extraordinary pool costs can apply/negotiate for facility use reimbursement. This will require an original invoice mailed to the league. Officials will be paid by the League. All other cost will be covered by the host unless agreed upon prior to scheduling the facility. Host shall provide all necessary equipment, staff to operate the table, and report results by text or by email to Results will be posted on the web site, so please send them ASAP after games.
League Rules:

  1. All athletes, coaches and administrators must be registered with USA Water Polo.
  2. Athletes who have played for a club in the previous year and have transferred to a club who participated in the league during the previous year will have to sit out a 90 Day waiting period which shall begin the day the receiving club notifies the League. It is up to the receiving club who wants to roster the athlete to request eligibility for season. The wait period shall begin upon the league receiving the email informing the league of the transfer. This waiting period will not apply to those athletes whom transfer from non-CA Cup teams
  3. Teams who play ineligible player will be sanctioned.
  4. To insure attendance, failure to show or provide adequate notice that you cannot field a team will result in your team being suspended from the next play date. In addition, if you fail to show you will receive 0 points for your forfeit.
  5. A USAWP verified roster must be at the score table prior to game and or upon request from the league or host.
  6. USAWP rules will apply except for ties, which will go to shoot out.
  7. Each club is expected to host games at their facilities with their own staff to manage the desk and report the scores to the league. The league will pay referees, awards, and administration.
  8. Each team will have two 1 minute time-outs.
Equipment: (Kap 7 is the Preferred Ball)

  1. 10 & U Coed will use size 2 balls for competition.
  2. 12 boys & 12 girls use size 3 balls for competition.
  3. 14 & U Boys and 14/16/18 & U Girls will use women’s size ball for competition.
  4. 16/18 & U Boys will use men’s size ball for competition.
Game Duration and Course Layout:

  1. The 10 & U Coed will play 5 min quarters at 25 yards.
  2. The 12 & U Boys and Girls will play 6 min quarters at 25 yards or meters if possible.
  3. The 14/16/18 & U Boys and 14/16/18 & U Girls will play 7 min quarters at 25 meters
Standings and Scores:

  1. Each team will earn 4 points for a win, 3 points for a shoot-out win, 2 points for a shoot-out loss, 1 point for a loss, and 0 points for forfeits.
  2. FINAL rules will be used for tiebreakers in league standing.
  3. After each league weekend, scores and standings will be posted on the league website.
Referees: The purpose of the California Cup League is to elevate water polo play and the referees who are calling our games. It is the league’s desire to afford coaches input to our assignor regarding referee performance and suggestions for the finals. Please email us any observation, recommendation and or feedback regarding referees so we can improve the quality of the