Below, please find the 2018 Norcal info!

Cal Cup Qual Dates

Each age group is preliminarily scheduled to play two (2) qualifying weekends. Depending upon the number of teams entered (like last year) if we can get the quals done in one (1) weekend only then that’s the plan as well. Below are the dates that have been established.

12U & 14U Girls

1st Round of Quals:
Saturday, March 17th – Depending upon the number of teams entered this may be the only day.

If two (2) days of Quals are needed the next day of Cal Cup Quals would be on:
Saturday, March 24th

16U & 18U Girls

1st Round of Quals:
Sunday, March 18th – Depending upon the number of teams entered this may be the only day.

If needed, the next day of Cal Cup Quals would be on:
Saturday, March 25th

Quals Info

  1. Whether we play 1 day of quals or 2 will depend upon the number of teams entered. In the past 12U & 14U age groups only had enough teams entered and we could accomplish quals all on one day.
  2. Central Zone & Pacific Zone Teams will once again be combined for the Nor Cal Cal Cup Quals.
  3. The cost of the Cal Cup Quals will be determined based upon the number of teams entered but we are looking to keep it reasonable and also be able to cover the costs of pool rental and refs. Typically this runs around $125 per game. Price will be firmed up once we get closer and know pool locations, # of teams etc. Once finalized, payment for the Cal Cup Quals and Cal Cup Finals will be made directly online at
  4. We will be needing pools to host and we are looking to keep it as similar to what the finals will entail as possible. This means big water (floating goals preferred), appropriate size ball & 2 refs per game for all age groups.

Tournament Info/Rules:

  1. You must qualify locally in order to qualify for the Cal Cup Finals.
  2. Should you qualify, you will be expected to play in the Cal Cup Finals. Depending upon the # of teams entered, last year all clubs that entered an ‘A’ team got invited to play in the Finals. So please do not enter in the Cal Cup Quals if you are not planning on attending the Cal Cup Finals.
  3. In the past anywhere from the Top 5-8 teams, in each age group, from Nor Cal have been selected to attend the Finals. Basically this is all of the ‘A’ teams that are entered.
  4. 12U’s will play 6 min qtrs and 14U,16U & 18U will play 7 min qtrs
  5. If we have to do bracket play then advancement will be: Each team will earn 4 points for a win, 3 points for a shoot-out win, 2 points for a shoot-out loss, 1 point fo a loss and 0 points for a forfeit
  6. USAWP Rules will apply, except for ties, which will go directly to Shoot-Out
  7. FINAL Rules will be used for tiebreakers in league standing
  8. Each team will have (2) 1 Minute time outs per game
  9. USAWP Verified Rosters will be checked prior to each game, player age is a/o August 1st, 2018
  10. Teams may enter more than one team and if one of their teams don’t qualify and the other one does, then those players on the team that didn’t qualify CAN BE moved to the roster of the team that did qualify.
  11. ‘B’ Teams will qualify for the Cal Cup Finals should all of the Nor Cal allocated spots not be used then ‘B’ Teams will be invited to fill those spots.
  12. Players MAY NOT switch rosters from the first round of play to the second round of play. Those rosters are set once play begins and players can only be rostered on one team within the same age group.
  13. Rosters are capped at 15 players.
  14. One parent from each team playing will be needed to help run the desk.
  15. First team listed will wear White caps and start to the left of the desk (from the perspective of the desk).

That’s the latest as of now. If I forgot any coaches or clubs on this email and you know they are interested in participating please forward them this email.


Lastly – we ask that you reply back by NO LATER than Thursday, February 1st with your intention to play or not and the # of teams in each age group you wish to enter.

Please used the following link to enter your teams:

  • Feb 1st – Initial entries/intent to play & number of teams due
  • Feb 2nd – Initial request sent out for pools based upon number of teams entered
  • Feb 22nd – Teams Verified, Pools secured and Initial Brackets sent out
  • Mar 8th – Brackets solidified